Chair massage is an effective way to keep employees healthy. Complaints such as headaches, stiff shoulders, back complaints or overworked neck muscles we expertly tackle. This prevents absenteeism, costs and inconvenience. Our regular customers have benefited for years from the positive effects of chair massage on a regular basis.

WorkMassage is also used at trade fairs or events to give visitors a good feeling.

Our masseurs like to bring more relaxation and pleasure to every location. Low-threshold, effective and easy to plan.

A massage is a good idea for several reasons:

  • To keep employees fit
  • To deal with complaints
  • As a reward for achieving an objective
  • As motivation during a peak period at work
  • As a customer magnet at a trade fair or event

80% of all complaints are caused by stress.

The stress associated with work pressure requires a lot from our bodies and our minds. You do not notice overload immediately, it is an insidious process. According to Statistics Netherlands, 1 in 7 employees suffer from burnout complaints. This is a burnout occupational disease number 1. In practice, about 5% of employees will be left at home for a long time. Stress is a ticking time bomb among your organization and your people. It ensures unnecessary short-term and long-term sick leave every year. To stay in balance it is necessary to relax regularly. If we do not, this can lead to:

  1. tension headache
  2. complaints in the shoulders, neck or back
  3. reduced productivity
  4. sickness absence
  5. higher pressure for the survivors

"Melanie owns Her company provides weekly massages to our Amsterdam-based team. I can highly recommend Melanie as a therapist and her company as an excellent provider of such services."

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Everyone is looking forward to the masseurs who visit us every 2 weeks.They are very professional and friendly.The employees like to relax and then go back to new energies. So we are very satisfied with WorkMassage.

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Our employees are super motivated and therefore sometimes take too few breaks. With a massage they can recharge and re-energize. Better in balance with WorkMassageā€¯


The 9 best results from a

chair massage at work:

Savings on medical expenses

Increased productivity

Employees who feel valued

Decrease complaints in the shoulders, neck, arms and back

Better blood circulation

Higher resistance

Reduction of tension headache

New energy

More job satisfaction

Experience shows that the best result is achieved with a frequency of 2 chair massages per month.

Our method

When you are considering using chair massage, you often have practical questions, such as:

- What are the costs and what are we saving on this?

 - How many employees are going to participate?

- What is a good frequency for chair massages at work?

- How are we going to inform the employees?

- How do we schedule everyone?

- How to plan shiftoworkers in?

- Do employees also learn how to prevent stiff muscles?

During a personal interview and a free trial massage, we answer all questions so that our services exactly match every type of organization.

You can already feel the difference after a few treatments.


The massage technique we apply for a chair massage is a mix of Eastern and Western techniques. By treating specific pressure points on energy channels (meridians), all physical functions are stimulated, energy flows through and accumulated stress can leave the body. In a special massage chair we treat your head, shoulders, neck, back, arms and hands.

The massage techniques are tailored to personal needs and are aimed at relaxation and stress prevention.

Tax benefit

Chair massages for companies are tax deductible given the proven preventive value. These are the criteria:

1. The chair massage takes place during working hours

2. Chair massage is included in the Occupational Health and Safety year

3. The costs are borne by the employer

Chair massage is not covered by the Werkkostenregeling (WKR).

We perform massages throughout the Netherlands.

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